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Command-line Photo Editing Software Now supports over 140 image file formats, with 70+ image editing operations, filters, and effects!

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Batch Image/Photo Editing and Image Conversion Software

AutoImager is a full-featured batch image converter and editor software application. The program is easy-to-use and because it's "interface-driven", you don't have to understand programming or even scripting in order to perform the batch conversion and processing tasks. Just pick the files you wish to convert or process, choose the options for the conversion or processing task, and you're ready to go! Each image will be automatically processed, with the appropriate editing, processing, or conversion applied. For example, perform PDF conversion with 140+ other image formats, resize photos, or apply photo enhancement filters. For those who need the power of automation, scripting, or batch file processing, the software features extensive command-line support for endless possibilities with image files.

AutoImager is an advanced image converter that supports over 140 different graphic image formats, and gives you a wide variety of ways to enhance and alter images. Multi-page image conversion and editing is fully supported, making AutoImager an extremely comprehensive image file format conversion software package.

All operations can be performed in batch mode for an entire list of images. The software can include subfolders recursively through both the interface and command-line. Image lists can be saved and loaded again at a later time. All editing and conversion operations have numerous options that can be optionally set for maximum control. The entire application is highly customizable. AutoImager allows you to alter an image or curl a page, batch convert images, and can even function as digital watermarking software.

AutoImager also offers extensive command-line support. With over 130 configurable command-line choices, it's easy to create batch files to perform image processing tasks which may need to be done routinely. You can set up your computer to run the batch file on a schedule and leave the routine image processing tasks to AutoImager. Entire in-house imaging procedures can be automated with ease, utilizing the command-line support provided. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Batch Image/Photo Editing Operations:

Add Noise Add Noise Anti-Alias Anti-Alias Auto-Trim Auto-Trim Average Average
Bending Bending Document Border Remove Border Remove Brightness Brightness Buttonize Buttonize
Color Resolution Color Resolution Colored Gray Filter Colored Gray Contour Contour Contrast Contrast
Crop Crop Cylindrical Cylindrical Deskew Deskew Despeckle Despeckle
Dilate Dilate Document Dot Remove Dot Remove DPI Resolution DPI Resolution Edge Detector Edge Detector
Emboss Emboss Erode Erode Etch Etch Flip Flip
Gamma Correct Gamma Correct Gaussian Blur Gaussian Blur Glow Glow Gradient Gradient
Grayscale Grayscale Half-Tone Half-Tone HistoContrast HistoContrast Document Hole Punch Remove Hole Punch Remove
Hue Hue Impressionist Impressionist Intensity Detect Intensity Detect Invert Invert
Invert Document Text Invert Text Laplacian Laplacian Document Line Remove Line Remove Line Segment Line Segment
Max Filter Max Filter Median Median Min Filter Min Filter Mirror Mirror
Mosaic Mosaic Motion Blur Motion Blur Multiply Multiply Oilify Oilify
Old Photo Effect Old Photo Pixelate Pixelate Polar Polar Posterize Posterize
Prewitt Prewitt Punch Punch Radial Wave Radial Wave Resample Resample
Resize Resize Ripple Ripple Rotate Rotate Saturation Saturation
Sharpen Sharpen Shear Shear Smooth Smooth Sobel Sobel
Solarize Solarize Spherize Spherize Stretch Intensity Stretch Intensity Swirl Swirl
Underlay / Watermark Underlay Unsharp Mask Unsharp Mask Waggle Waggle Wave Wave
Wave Shear Wave Shear Wind Effect Wind Zoom Blur Zoom Blur Zoom Wave Zoom Wave
and more!

Batch PDF Converter Capabilities

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